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Saint Fortunat sur Eyrieux

  • Height : between 145 and 760 meters.
  • Population : 712 inhabitants.
  • Name of inhabitants : Fortunéens.

Welcome to Saint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux !

Is it right that you’re looking for means to make your fortune? Stop! Don’t go farer, you’ll make it in Saint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux ! All around ringing church tower, ringing out prettily at the back of a narrow and picturesque valley, you’ll adventure its happiness while discovering real treasures! In the old Saint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux, while walking in the lanes available to cars, you will discover the charm of old houses.

 The fly fishing (C. Fougeirol)  Riding in the hills above the town (C. Fougeirol)  beach of Pontpierre (C. Fougeirol)  Swimming to the Pontpierre on Eyrieux (C. Fougeirol)  Swimming on the river Eyrieux (C. Fougeirol)  The Peaches in blossom (C. Fougeirol)  The peaches (C. Fougeirol)
Saint-Fortunat, a site of outdoor activities awaits you

Our mountains have lots of extensive paths who favour evasion, wander, trekking and dream while walking or cycling near an abound flora. You’ll renew your oxygen at the hop of the mountains and admire magnificent sights on the Rhone Valley, the Vercors and the Plateau Ardechois. If you prefer strolls a quiet and restful roads, the old Eyrieux railway waits you following the shapes of the Eyrieux River, you’ll discover the extraordinary liveliness of a river like the take of a white heron! The nearly flat road will make you children happy as they will enjoy cycling in deal security conditions !

While talking about your children, do they want to play or swim? The camping and the swimming pool await their visit, as well as the relaxing area which offers you to have picnics with your family or friends in a quiet and shouldered place.

Here is a legend that says the fortune in Saint-Fortunat can also be found in the sand rear the river. If you’ve got the soul of a gold seeker, you won’t find gold nuggets but Golders pecks. This is fascinating and subtil entertainment !

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Children during the transition from truck ’’C’est pas sorcier’’

The commune of Saint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux is also recognized as a dynamic and user friendly village which has developed axis to the major activities linked to events ask to any inhabitant and you’ll see that there is always an event here !

They are events every month in a friendly atmosphere in Saint-Fortunat! There is the carnival is March, the event of the ‘’Vocals’’, the Easter egg’s hunt in April, the music party in June. Don’t forget the comprehensive program to welcome tourists and locals in original summer events and festivals like the Olympiads, the open air cinemas, the flee market, the summer market but also the unavoidable, meeting ‘’Délices d’automne’’ in framework the framework of the tastes’ week. Many other events’ are to be discovered like the Christmas party in December !

Don’t hesitate! Come join us, visit us! Take part to our leisure activities! Come and enjoy friendliness, the dynamism and the brilliance of our people.

We count on you!... Many smiling faces wait for you !

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Landscape of autumn
(J-B Fabry)


  • March : Carnival and ‘’Les Vocals de Saint-Fortunat’’, on week of musical events.
  • April : Egg’s hunt.
  • From June to Augu : Music party, Olympiads, markets, open-air cinemas and so more...
  • October : Autumn delights.

The millionth visitor to the tourist office wins a beautiful postcard of our great country.

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