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The Rhône in La-Voulte
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On the path of Régis the miner

La Voulte sur Rhône develops thanks to its river “le Rhône” which brought it prosperity.

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The map "On the path of the miner"

His special geographical position between the confluences of the valleys of Eyrieux, Rhône and Drôme gives a natural frame advantageous of exchanges. The nearness of a ferruginous soil will get the city into an industrial epoch which will be subjected to numerous mutations. But after economic and social disasters which crossed its life, rich past was progressively abandoned.

It is a question of relearning to live with the river and all elements which manufactured the history of the city in order to better prepare the future of the town.

The historical route which is offered takes part in the identity of La Voulte that I invite you to discover.

Marc BOLOMEY Mayor

Régis the miner

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The description


My name is Régis, I am 10 years old. I’m born in 1848. I go to school but I still work in smelting works with my dad. All my family is a native of La Voulte. Let’s go discovering my city.»

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