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  • Height: 133 meters Logo du village
  • Population: 2007 inhabitants
  • Name of the inhabitants: Montélégeois(e)


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The wash house

During the Middle-Age, the village was called Montislagerii, which evolved into Montélagier and Montéléger. The village was granted in 1157 to the bishops of Valence.

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The church of village

The village and its lards belonged to different lords like Bertrand de Villars or Jeande Mayauds. Montéléger went through all religious crisises in 1640, when Just-Henri de Tournon was its Lord.

Then the village went to the Ventadours. In 1721, the rider Claude Buisson, take possession of the Lords lards and Lady Maire-Claire de Bernon became their owner in 1742.

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The property of Lorient
Ce parc arboré est ouvert à tous avec terrain de tennis, parcours de santé...

In 1793, Montéléger was flourishing village, which was recognized by statistics. They said that the villaged belonged to the district of Valence, had its own perception and Port Offices, a primary School, a fair and taster Saturday, on June 15th, and had 644 inhabitants.


  • Easter Saturday: Fair.
  • June 15th: Fair.

The castle

 The park of castle
The park of castle
 The castle to the orangery
The castle to the orangery
 The castle with flowers
The castle with flowers

The castle of Montéléger was built nearly at the end of the 15th Century pr during the fist years of the 16th Century. The count of Montélége, one of the last owners of the castle, last everything to restore it and more attractive.

The castle is famous, surmounted any incidents: two occupations, by Protestants and Catholics.

The king’s room is dedicated to the visit of the king Henri III going up from the count’s lands during the siege of Livron. A little piece of furniture recalls the one which was used by the young lieutenant of the garrison in Valence where he came to meet are of its seduction. This young lieutenant was to become emperor because "Napoleon began already to appear under Bonaparte".

By "Notice historique sur Montéléger, par l’Abbé A. Vincent (1864)".

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