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Hôtel le Carré d'Aléthius
Hôtel le Carré d'Aléthius
3 étoiles
Rooms: 9b. - Double bed: 8b. - Suite: 1b. - Meeting room: 1r. 25p. - People: 19p.
Contact… : 04 75 78 30 52
Hôtel-Restaurant Sous les pins
3 étoiles
Meeting room: 120p. 3r. - Rooms: 30b. - People: 61p. - Room for people with reduced mobility: 1b.
Contact… : 04 75 57 77 50
8 km from Valence, the Hotel and Restaurant "Sous les pins" welcomes you in a nice and peaceful setting. This hotel has 29 bedrooms with air conditioning and all modern conveniences . The restaurant also has air conditioning and large rooms for... [Details…]
Hôtel de la Vallée
Photo 1
La Voulte-sur-Rhône
People: 40p. - Single bed: 7b. - Rooms: 14b. - Double bed: 7b. - Meeting room: 1r. 60p.
Contact… : 04 75 62 41 10
Comfortable hotel away from the noise, facing the Rhône. Private parking facilities, single garages, large terrace. Speciality dishes with game in winter, fried foods and plentiful salads in summer. Large open fireplace in the dining...

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