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Gilhac et Bruzac

  • Height : between 100 and 800 meters (highest point : Le Serre de Mure at 800 meters).
  • Population : 117 inhabitants.

The commune of Gilhac and Bruzac dominate the Rhone valley and the low Eyrieux valley. It belongs to the biggest cities of the department because of its area. The paradox of that city is that it is not a village strictly speaking.

The commune is composed of two hamlets who gave it their name: Gilhac, near Pierregourde and Bruzac, near the Moulin à vent. The federative site of Gilhac and Bruzac is Pierregourde castle, whose stones are marked by history. The castle was built in the 12th century and owes its name to the old French term “tour de guet de pierre”, that’s to say a lookout tower made of stones. The commune and the castle’s history were marked by the religions’ wars between the Protestants and the Catholics. The worst thing is that the castle wasn’t destroyed because of historic events, but because of its use as a quarry after its desertion in the 17th century.


  • First Sunday of August : Pétanque competition.
  • Beginning of March : belote competition.
  • Beginning of Decembe : lotery.

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