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  • Height : 139 meters. Blason de la ville
  • Population : 1674 inhabitants.
  • Name of the inhabitants : Beauvollonnais(e).

Region and Relaxation

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The lake of Beauvallon
(N. Giraud)

I Get out of the highway in Valence Sud and arrive « les chemins de traverse »… In 10 minutes of Valence, Beauvallon is the first village met towards Crestard the Drome Valley. The big place with Trees and line trees welcome you and offer you a greedy break, why not on market day.

The village was still called « La Vache » in the end of the 19th Century because vast fields stretched on either sides of the Veore river, which allowed the inhabitants to breed many cows… The village became its new name of , Beauvallon, which made the happiness of the inhabitants weary with the jokes made on its old name…

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The plain of Beauvallon
(N. Giraud)

The old village reveals itself and must be deserved as you have to go up to see the wash house, the town hall and the castle whose grounds date from the 12th Century. By the Rues des Princes, you reach the church dating from 1625 after the inscription grated beyond the main gate. Then if you walk along the wall to the cemetery, you’ll discover the mighty and beautiful Rhone Valley.

Beauvallon is a nice place to spend your holidays; you’ll go to the market, stroll on the like’s sides and enjoy hiking on the little pedestrian paths towards Monteleger or Etoile-sur-Rhone. Charming little village, Beauvallon will keep you, its shopkeepers and restaurant owners who will apart you a friendly welcome.

The castle, the market and the lake

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The castle of Beauvallon
(N. Giraud)

The current castle of Bauvallon dates from the middle of the 17th Century and was built on the bases of the Poitiers castle in ruins. Charles Jacques de Bressac made it erected in 1654. It was one of the most beautiful and pleasant castles of the Drome. It didn’t suffer from the French Revolution. Napeleon Bonaparte in garnison in Valence went there many times. In 1809, Robert-Joseph from McCarthy who was Irish, married a daughter from Bressac and became the new castle’s owner. The converted it by adding a flour, replacing the roof by a terrace and crowing the walls with crenels. The castle was sold in 1849 and went in the hands of rich burghers. Our region has a favourable climate; so it produces lots of fruits and vegetables like apricots, cherries, peaches, watermelons, tomatoes and garlic’s. Am market restricted to local producers has been organized by the town of Beauvallon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from May to October, since 50 years.

At the heart of the village, the lake laid out in 2007 for picnic and fishing is a quiet area. The amateur idleness will appreciate the shadows of the trees and the quietness but be aware that baths are forbidden. Every summer, the festival of the lake étoiles attracts many visitors with theatre, circus, sings and more…

 The lake of Beauvallon (N. Giraud)  The lake of Beauvallon (N. Giraud)  The calvary (N. Giraud)  The wash house covered  The market  The lake and castle of Beauvallon  Sources of river  The plain of Beauvallon (N. Giraud)  The castle of Beauvallon (N. Giraud)


  • April : Fair of the narcissuses.
  • May : Artistic fair on the Rue des Princes.
  • September : painter’s day around the lake.
  • November : Fair of the craftsmanship and gastronomy.

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