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A little history...

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Village and peaches
C. Fougeirol

Founded in the 12th Century, Beauchastel the foot of the castle which protected the Royal Road up the valley of the Eyrieux.

Owning one of 70 salt barns of the kingdom of France, and the toll taken by the travelars for to cross the river have made the village a strategic and coveted.

Despite its fortifications, the town did not surviveroad who plundered the Rhone valley during the 100 years war, nor the repeated attacks of Protestants and Catholics during the religious wars.

The construction of a dam, a suspension bridge and the arrival of the railway (late 19th) will lead the expansion of homes to the Rhone and the development of the Lower Tower. Gradually abandoned, the Old Village will be restored in the 70 for the pleasure of the newcomers and those who love strolling through narrow streets to the medieval atmosphere.

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